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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some More 17th-18th Century Dolls

Here is an excerpt from a blog from Morgaine Le Fay Interesting Textiles describing the work of artists who restore 17th and 18th century Old Pretender dolls, including one they are working on by a William Higgs, made in Whitechapel about 1630. [Interesting Triva; Whitechapel is the scene of the 1888 Jack the Ripper murders!]:

With reference to my recent post in my other blog, Morgaine Le Fay Antique Textiles, here are some more glorious photos of the work of David Chapman & Paul Robinson of 'The Old Pretender' wooden doll workshop.

As well as making the most beautiful reproduction dolls dressed in authentic fabrics and trims from the period, these young men also restore authentic 17th & 18th century dolls. They are currently working on one of the rarest English dolls in the world, one of only 22 known examples made in Whitechapel at around 1680 by William Higgs.

The first photos detail some examples of their restoration work, then a magazine article about their reproduction dolls, followed by some examples of their reproduction dolls. I will let the photos speak for themselves rather than wittering on too much, please click on each picture to really appeciate the detail here.

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