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Barbie Chronology

History of Lili and Barbie; Outline of a PowerPoint

Lili and Barbie A Couple of Gals! A Photo Study The First Dolls: 20-40,00 years ago The Venus of Willendorf
History in General The History of Fashion Dolls The Venus Figures with corn-rowed hair Dolls and figures from the ancient world wearing jewelry, clothing, fashions of the day, “despise not my doll’s little purple cloak.” 14th c. fashion doll sent to queens. Cf. 1956 World Book “Doll.” Bartholomew Babies
18thc, Baby Houses, and Queen Anne Dolls
Asian dolls with wigs and wardrobes, especially Japan
Milliners Models and Wax dolls, early 19th c.
China heads, especially Aunt Rose’s
French Fashion Dolls 1850’s +, Victor Hugo, Huret, Jumeau, Bru, etc. Bebe dolls and wardrobes, A Little Princess and Bleuette
1940s Peggy McCall and other Mannikins
Teen dolls of the fifties, A/E and Miss Revlon and her sisters
Jill and Ginny of Vogue, Muffy, Ginger, Pam, the 8” HP revolution Paper Dolls and Dolls with Wardrobes, Dewees Cochran Cissy and Cissette, Dollikins, Capezio Ballet dolls Lili, Barbie, Tammy, Jem, Love, Dusty, Maddie Mod, Dawn, Littlechaps, G.I. Joe, Happy to be Me, Mego, Celebrity Fashion dolls, Polly Pockets, CPK, My Little Pony, Muffy Vanderbear, Build –a-Bear, Heidi, PeeWees, Kiddles Sasha and Heidi Ott Crissy Amercian Girls and 18” Dolls Ball-jointed dolls and Gene and Tonner, Dolphi, Blythe, the BJ revolution
Lili/Barbie Ancestors
Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome Early Medieval, Renaissance, Jacobean Dolls
13th –16th c; Fashion Dolls and Bartholomew Fair Babies
The 16th Century and Renaissance 18th Century Fashion Dolls Ann Sharp’s Baby House, Other Baby Houses, Queen Anne and Georgian Wooden Dolls Asia Japanese Doll with Wigs/Wardrobes Early 19th Century Dolls Early 19th Century; Milliner’s Models and Wax Dolls Early to Mid 19th Century China Heads, Porcelain Heads, and Dolls with Wardrobes Mid to Late 19th C. Fashion French Fashion Dolls and Bébés
Early 20th C. Bleuette Sewing for Dolls, Storybook Dolls, Fantasy Dolls Peggy McCall and other 1940-60 Mannikins and HP Dolls Jill and Ginny and Vogue; the 8” HP Revolution Paper Doll and Dolls with Wardrobes: They Inspired Ruth Handler 19th C. –20th C. Paper Doll Lili Looks like Marlene Dietrich Lili Arrives Lili Cartoon modern and Vintage A Comparison; doll to right Lili Some Views Japanese Rendering Lili as Anime/Manga Group Shot Lili in Various Sizes Lili Era Kitchen A Kitchen made for Lili in Germany. Also for Similar Dolls Barbie No. 1 1959, white irises First Barbies
Classic Vintage Dolls Barbies 2, 3, Bubble Cut 1959-1959 Classic Friends and Family Rarities/Novelties Miss Barbie and Takhara Jenny Some unusual dolls Twiggy and Truly Scrumptious Character Barbies: LtoR: Twiggy, Truly Scrumptious, Scarlett O’Hara. Fashion Queen Barbie Some Assorted Dolls Barbie’s House The Original Dream House 1980s to 90s: Barbie again enjoys many careers; rock star, astronaut, cowboy, military, politics, doctor, dentist, veterinarian. Mattel experiments with a doll of about 18inches, and a Supersize Barbie the size of a three year old. International and foreign dolls debut, e.g, Italy, France, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Finland, Norway. Other Barbies are made all over the world, including the Muslim countries. Pink becomes a signature color Kim Newman includes a Barbie Dahl [doll] in his Anno Dracula Novel series. 1980s Holiday Barbies Debut; 2008 marked their 20th Anniversary. Hallmark in 1996 issues a Barbie Ornament. There is an entire Series of Barbie ornaments by Hallmark and other companies, even a Barbie Christmas Tree. Silkstone Barbies debut 2000 Masks, Costumes, “The Birds.” Barbie Mask and Halloween Costume 1990s More Friends, Rivals, Enemies Barbie Rivals/Non-Mattel Friends: The Littlechaps, Tammy, Tressy, Candy, Maddie Mod, Cissette,LIV, Bratz, Gene, Jem, Spice Girls, Sindy, Ball Jointed Dolls, Dawn, Glamour Girls, The Golden Girls, Dollikins, Guardian Goddess [Mattel Rarity], Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victims, Blythe. More Friends and Enemies Friends and Rivals Continued The Future of Fashion Dolls Modern Ball Jointed Dolls References Bild Lilli, Her History. Dr. E’s Doll Museum Blog. Fashion Doll Guide. Hina Matsuri Japanese Doll Festival. The National Museum of Play [The Strong Museum]. of Hina Matsuri Festival March 3d Dedicated to the People of Japan and The Yokohama Doll Museum

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Wonderful Blog

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Wonderful Blog: This artist does fantastic work with antique ephemera, found objects, dolls, miniatures, and vintage holiday ornmanents. Enjoy! http://ull...

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