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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dolls by famous author?

From the Red Cape Blog and Dorothy O'Neill: Hello, Edyth, On Sunday I found these two dolls in an antique shop specializing in many things, but Tasha Tudor was one of them…..They were marked "Tasha Tudor Dolls ?" with a question mark…..The dealer is a new acquaintance of mine but I know she has a good reputation - she believes they are around 60 years old, she bought them from a Vermont couple who used to live near TT in Marlboro, Vt. They are definitely hand made - and my goodness, they say to me - "We were made by Tasha!" They are only 6" tall, and their clothes are sewn on to them… signature at all, though….But I know Tasha made a large Capt. Ethan Shakespeare who was in the Civil War (so the story goes) and if the lady doesn't look exactly like Tasha, I don't know! The eyes are little holes as in TT's "Emma & Thaddeus" and the smile and the tilt of the head, all of it - the tiny waist….oh, she is just enchanting….no matter who made her, of course, but I wonder what you think? I did e-mail TT & Family with pictures and asked that Marjorie or Seth might like to see them….in any event, I have this dear couple who are about to have tea in my very modest doll house, made many years ago for my daughter, and even though they appear to be accustomed to finer things, they are gracious quests knowing that we are absolutely delighted to have them with us…We even have a few corgis in our doll house…. If you have a moment, let me know what you think about the dolls, Edyth….. Thanks so much, Sandy From Edyth again on Wed morning, a post script: I did receive one in depth reply from a renowned source. It convinced me that it is very unlikely that Tasha made the dolls. Possible perhaps but most unlikely. A comparison of the stitching could tell a lot. Very different hand stitching could rule out Tasha as the maker. Similar work could leave the question open. These little ones have so much the look of Tasha's art to me! Sandy wrote again that the dolls are 7 not 6 inches tall. I hope we will hear the story of them. I watch for your comments here. My heart wants to believe they are Tasha's own creations but any attribution must be based on more than that. There are so many wonderful doll artists past and present. e

Martha's Dolls: French Fashion Dolls

Martha's Dolls: French Fashion Dolls: Amonst my other doings, I started awhile back two french fashions. I already had a seely mold of two of the FG fashions. I just love these...

Olde Time Dolls: Ida Mae~A Hand Painted Black Folk Art Cloth Doll

Olde Time Dolls: Ida Mae~A Hand Painted Black Folk Art Cloth Doll: "Ida Mae" SOLD

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: So, when is it an addition, cont'd

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: So, when is it an addition, cont'd: When is a hobby too much? Anyone ever read "A Gentle Madness," about collecting in general, or hobbies in particular, or "Magnificent Obsess...

More about Fashion Dolls

I was educating a friend about them this Sat. at a doll show. He had never been to one, and we saw a Smiling Bru in a small size, about 12 in, for nearly $6000, and an 18 in doll with an extra outfit and hat for $13,900. Denise brings up some good questions and issues, here. Mrs. Coleman felt they were for show, not play, but a "play doll" of this type appears in Robert Penn Warren's Band of Angels, and I have a vintage photo of a little girl clutching one that looks played with. It's, perhaps, a matter of opinion.
Doll Collecting..What is a Fashion Doll? By Denise Van Patten, Guide .Definition: A fashion doll is a doll that is created to not only display and wear clothing, but generally also a doll which has additonal clothing and accessories available separately. Fashion dolls generally have the proportions of teens or young adults. Some commentators believe that a fashion doll can be any doll, even a child or toddler-styled doll like Ginny by Vogue from the 1950s, or Patsy by Effanbee from the 1930s that have clothing available separately, but other commentators (including this one) disagree with that. The first fashion dolls were the French Fashion Dolls1 from the mid to late 1800s. These dolls had porcelain heads and either kid jointed bodies or bodies made of wood or other poseable materials. There were many shops in France at the time devoted to selling the clothing and intricate accessories for these dolls. The dolls were meant to teach young girls how to become ladies and so the dolls had all the appropriate clothing and other items available that the ladies of the time would need. The dolls also had trunks to store their clothing and accessories. For the most part, the next historic period that had an abundance of fashion dolls available was the late 1950s. Madame Alexander2 introduced the large Cissy doll, and then many imitators followed, including some in smaller sizes, such as Miss Revlon, Little Miss Revlon (both Ideal), Cissette (Madame Alexander) and many others. In 1959, the most famous fashion doll of all time, Barbie was created. She is still immensely popular today. She was joined by many other fashion dolls in the 1960s (including Tammy by Ideal), and fashion dolls have been a mainstay of children's dolls ever since. Popular fashion dolls today include Barbie and Bratz. American Girl dolls, although they have clothing, accessories, and trunks available, are child dolls and therefore not fashion dolls. Fashion dolls have also been created for collectors since the 1990s, and have included popular dolls such as Gene, Tyler Wentworth, some of the Asian Ball-Jointed dolls, and many others. Most collectors of fashion dolls don't only collect the dolls, but they also collect and display the outfits and accessories. A fashion doll without original clothing is generally worth much less than a fashion doll with original clothing, since so much of the collectibility and charm of these dolls lies with their wardrobes. Examples: I collected baby dolls for a really long time, but then I started to enjoy the larger sized fashion dolls such as Tyler Wentworth and Gene; I now own about twenty dolls and fifty outfits for them. This page has been optimized for print. To view this page in its original form, please visit: ©2012, Inc., a part of The New York Times Company. All rights reserved. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links in this article: 1. 2.

Monday, August 13, 2012

From the Doll Reference site-French Doll Makers

More on French dolls: Antique French Doll Makers 1840s + The French antique doll makers - les fabricants de poupée antiques Françaises - of France from the 1840s +. Also the doll makers; doll mold numbers, markings, letters or initials, trade names and symbols. With the doll makers name, description of the mark or symbol look here Marks Directory | Marks Library (Offsite link) more Doll Makers by country: American USA | Doll Makers World | English UK | French FR | German DE | A Adt Societe Nouvelle des Etablissements 1925 Aladin & Lam dolls 1925, made Art dolls Alart, Eugene doll shoes 1880s + - shoe mark of a full standing human figure Alexandre, Henri dolls 1889-1895 All Bisque dolls 1890 + various Anel & Fraisse, Anel & Fils dolls 1914-1920s Antique Mechanical Dolls 1850-1900s - Automata dolls, self propelled dolls Arena, Felix doll mark Mignon 1918-1920 Arnaud, Jean Louis Hubert dolls 1852-1879 - doll mark LA doll with kid or wood body covered in rubber Arnoult Doll Co dolls 1881-1882 Au Nain Bleu dolls 1890-1940s - doll mark Au Nain Bleu Chauvière Au Nain Bleu 406, 408, 4210 rue St. Honoré Au Nain Jaune dolls 1900's, doll mold 293 Au Paradis des Enfants dolls 1873-1925 + - 156 Rué de Rivoli, Paris, Rue du Louvre, No. 1 large Paris, France Department store Au Perroquet Cie dolls 1924 - La Negresse Blonde trademark Aux Amis de L`Enfance dolls 1870-1875 Aux Bébés Sages dolls 1863-1879 Aux Enfants de France 1869 + Aux Enfants Sages dolls 1870-1890s Aux Rêves de L`Enfance dolls 1870s - 40 Rue de Richelieu Paris Aux Trois Quartiers dolls 1905-1924 ----------------------------------------------- B B. J. & Cie dolls 1800s + Baffert, A. dolls 1925 rag dolls Bagnaro, G. dolls 1928-1930 Balleroy, Jullien & Cie dolls ca. 1915-? - doll mark Limoges France JB, JB Ballu, Ernst dolls, 1890-1914 - doll mark Bebe Olga Barrois, Eugene dolls 1844-1875 - purchased by Halopeau in 1875 Bawo & Dotter dolls 1838-1913 - Importer, also in Germany, NYC, USA, doll mark B & D Germany, Pat. Dec.7/80 Bebe Bon Marche dolls 1894-1925 Bebe Tout Bois 1901-1914 Bellet, Henri dolls 1919-1920s - doll mark Poupard Art Belleville & Cie dolls 1920s + - doll mark Mystére Belton Type antique dolls 1870s-1900 - accepted as French, probably German Benoist dolls (G. H. Most) 1850-1873 Berchet SA Company dolls 1995 + - also called Superjouet Berner, Jacques doll mark JB 1888 + Bernheim & Kahn dolls 1900 + - doll mark Etoile Bébé, Bébé Mondain Bernhold, Julius doll mark Nini Kaspa 1910+ Bertrand, Rene doll mark Gaby 1923 Biberian, Gregoire cloth doll mark BG 1929-31 Binder & Cie dolls 1918 + Blampoix, Claude J. Sr. dolls 1840-1870 - attributed doll mark B # S 1863 purchased Duval-Denis 1871-1885 Dallox was owner 1876-1878 Madame Blampoix, a widow, is listed as a doll maker Blampoix, Claude J. Jr. dolls 1856-1881 Bonin, Lefort & Cie dolls 1923-1928 - also called Societe Bonin & Lefort - doll mark Joli Bébé, Gaby, Mon Baby, Ninon, Select Bonnal, Claude Valéry dolls 1898-1904 - doll mark Bebe Le Glorieu, Bebe Le Petit Francias, Bebe Le Radieux, Bebe Le Special, Bebe L' Unique Bossuat, E. dolls 1900's, doll mold 316 - doll mark symbol eight pointed sun Brevete Gege France dolls 1950s Bouchet, Adolphe H. doll mark AB 1889-1899 Bourgoin, J. dolls 1880-1892 - successor of Jules N. Steiner Brasseur & Videlier doll mark B # V 1865-1882 Bru Jne & Cie dolls Bébés 1866-1899 - successor Paul Eugene Girard 1899-1925 + ------------------------------------------------ C Carlegle, Charles-Emile & Helle, Andre 1918 + Carles, Jean dolls 1926 Carvaillo, Adrien doll mark La Venus 1923 Cassanet, A & Cie dolls 1881-1890s Cayette dolls 1909 - doll marks Bebe Oracle, Bebe Prophete, La Fee Au Gui, La Fee Au Trefle, La Fee Aux Trefles, La Fee Bonheur Chambon Et Baye dolls 1899 Chambre Syndicale des Fabricants de Jouets Français 1886-1928 - group of toy makers, trade organization doll mark Marque Deposée Article Français Chantilly, Cie dolls 1924-1928 China head dolls 1840-1940 Chiquet, F. & Le Montréer dolls 1865-1885 Clement, Vve. dolls 1870s Clelia cloth dolls 1930s Clerc, Les Fils de N. dolls 1908-1927 Clodrey dolls 1952-1974 Cosman Fréres (brothers) dolls 1892-1925 + - 1892 Bébé le Favori by Clément Gatusse 1893 Splendide Bebe Couturier, Alice dolls 1865-1894 Covert, G & Co dolls 1913 + Crosier, Aline dolls 1917 - Parfait Bébé ---------------------------------------------- D Damerval, Freres & Laffranchy dolls 1910-1915 - Joli Bébé, Bébé Mignon Danel & Cie dolls 1889-1895 Daspres, Edmond dolls 1902-1908 - 1904-1908 successor Jules N. Steiner D'Autremont dolls 1858 - Paris 6 Rue De Dauphin 6 Debailly dolls 1846-1852 Decré, M. dolls 1885-1890 Defosse dolls 1833-1852 Dehais dolls 1836-1921 - doll mold 106, mechanical dolls, poupards (doll without legs), Marottes, Folies, Polichinelles (clown doll) - 1890-1921 Louis Marie Renou successor Dehler, Wilhelm - WD dolls 1888-1892 German - dist. by JFO Michaelis in Paris, France Dehors, A. doll mark AD 1860-1890 DeKasparek, Jeanne dolls 1922-1925 + - Sans Rival, doll mark a crest with a crown Delachal, Louis doll mark LD 1890-1904 - Bebe Caoutchouc Delacoste, B & Cie doll mark D 1914-1925 - see also Derolland Delacroix, Henri dolls 1865-1887 - doll mark, Pan, GD, HDX + Paris DelaRameé, Max-Henri & Marie dolls 1917 - Ma Joli dolls Delaunay, Madame dolls 1839-1866 Delbosque, Leontine dolls 1876-1889 Delcros dolls 1866-1873 Delero dolls 1871-1874 Delestaing, (Delestang) A. dolls 1864-1870 Delfour dolls 1870-1880 Delhaye, Alexandre Fères 1900, doll mark AD Demarest, Marie doll Poupée Sanver's 1908 Denamur, Etienne dolls 1857-1898 DEP dolls ca. 1880s + - depose, déposé Depiesse, Grange dolls 1890-1921 Derolland, Basile dolls 1878-1925 + - rubber doll mark D inside a circle DeRousey de Sales, Georges dolls 1917-1920 - Liberty, Expression, Modestes, Espiegels DeSaint, Denis dolls 1842-1865 Desaubliaux doll mark Gallia 1915 Deschamps, Maison F. dolls 1847-1895 - Maison DESCHAMPS 5 rue de l'Echelle Desiré & Lamane dolls 1893 Desmee dolls 1844-1846 Desportes, V. dolls 1876-1885 Desrosiers, Th. dolls 1867-1881 - 1881 Assuérus & Desrosiers Desty, Léon dolls 1869 Deuilly dolls 1881-1885 Devanaux, L. dolls 1878 D'Hostique dolls 1885-1889 Digoit dolls 1869-1889 Doléac, L & Cie doll mark LD 1881-1908 - Polichinelles, Marottes dolls Doll Glossary, doll terms explained Dreifuss, Isidore dolls 1921 - trademark Fi-Fi Dubois, Paul dolls - doll mark Entrée des Alliés a Strasbourg Dubois dolls 1889-1890 Duclos, André dolls 1855-1921 Ducrey, Madame dolls 1880 Dumas-Bohan dolls 1836-1852 Dumont, E. doll mark ED 1843-1889 Dumontois dolls 1865-1879 Dupont dolls 1840-1868 Duran, Madame Max. dolls 1915 - doll mark MD inside circle, Duran Marx Durand, Octave dolls 1921 - trademark Tanagrette Duval Denis dolls 1861-1862 - 1863 purchased by C. J. Blampoix Sr. -------------------------------------- E Eden Bebe Paris doll 1890-1899 - by Fleischmann & Bloedel Egret, Madame nankeen dolls 1874-1884 ---------------------------------------------- F Falck & Roussel dolls 1880-1902 Fauche, M. doll mark Manos 1916 Favier Baculard dolls 1860-1876 - gutta percha heads Fleischmann & Bloedel dolls 1909-1926 - and in Furth, Bavaria 1873-1926 doll mark F & B, F & BF Eden Bébé dolls 1890-1899 Foucher, René doll mark tower + windmill Fouillot, Blanche doll name L'Idéal 1906-25 + F continued above F Fouillot, Blanche doll name L'Idéal 1906-25 + Fould, Consuélo poupées mark AP Paris 1910 - doll trade mark Les Victorieuses French Fashion Importing Co - Ninon cloth dolls 1930s Fréres, Bertoli dolls 1890s - trade name Idéal Bébé ------------------------------------ G Gallais, P. J. & Co dolls 1917-1923 Gault, J. Roger Plastolite dolls 1917 Gaultier, Francois doll mark FG 1860-1899 Gauthier dolls 18636-1872 GeGe dolls 1964-1973 Gerbaulet Feres dolls 1910-1925 + - doll mark Et Coquet Bebe, GF, Bebe Olga 35, 37 Rue de Turenne, Paris 3 ard. Gesland, Eugene doll mark FG 1860-1928 - Bébé E. Gesland 5, Rue Beranger 5, Paris Giotti, D. Etablissements 1925 + Nice, FR - Magali art felt dolls Giroud, Marius Germain dolls 1968-1974 - doll mark Gege on hard plastic dolls Giroux, Alphonse & Cie doll mark BS 1860-80 Gobert, A. dolls 1898-1899 Gorguet dolls 1876-1890 - bébé, poupée acc., shoes marked M.G. Grandjean dolls 1887-1890 - doll mark GD Paris, Bébé Bijou Gratieux, M Ferdinand doll marks Tout Va Bien Gre-Poir cloth dolls 1927-1935 also in the USA Guerin, Martha doll mark ACN 1915 Guillard, A. T. or Francois dolls 1842-1890 - A la Galerie Vivienne doll shop 4 Rue des Petit Champs 4 Paris Guillet, Louis doll mark Amour Bebe 1896 Guillon, Silas doll mark CAMELIA art doll 1925 Guimmoneau, Henry & Cie dolls 1879-1884 Guyot, Maison dolls 1889-1900 - doll mark A la Tentation ---------------------------------------- H Halopeau, Aristide dolls 1875-1889 - mfg. of H mold Bebe dolls 1882-1889 Hansi (prialytine) dolls 1917-1920s - Jean-Jacques Waltz Hieulle, Edmond dolls 1917 - Parfait Bébé, Montreuil Bébé, MSB on coat of arms, possible maker of doll mark Montreuil, S Bois, France, DL dolls. Hirschler, F & Hirschler, P doll mark FPH 1919 Huret, Maison Adelaide dolls 1850s-1930s - Huret No. 22 Boulevart Montmartre Paris Huret 68 Rue de la Boetie ----------------------------------------- I Iriquet, Mme. Vve dolls - 46 Place des Cormes Rouen Israel, L & Salomon, L. dolls 1921-1925 ----------------------------------------------------- J Jean, M. Elie doll mark anchor CAEN Joanny, Joseph Louis dolls 1884-1921 - doll mark J or J.J. Jugele, Leon dolls 1843-1844 Jullien dolls 1863-1904 - Bébé incassable, doll name L' Universal Jumeau dolls 1842-1899 ---------------------------------------------------- K Kahn, Lucien doll mark MOGLETTE Kasparek, Mme. de Jeanne doll flower in a cap Koenig, Marie dolls 1890-1914 Koch, J. César dolls 1915 - trademarks Bébé Gloria, Lutecia Baby Kratz-Bossac, Henri Orthon dolls 1892-1910 - doll trade mark La Parisienne Krohn, Alexandre dolls 1882-1890 - doll mark lion with doll between paws ---------------------------------------------------- L La Fosse, Amédée dolls 1892-1893 - successor Jules N. Steiner La Fosse, Marie dolls 1893-1899 - widow of Amédée, successor J. N. Steiner La Nicette dolls 1924-1946 - cloth felt dolls, by Gaston Casimir Lacouchy, D. dolls 14863-1882 Lacourtille porcelain factory dolls 1771-1840 Lady dolls ca. 1860s-1900s + Lafitte, André doll mark Vita 1917 Lafitte & Désirat dolls 1900-1920 - wax display dolls in current fashions Lamagnére, Théophile dolls 1882-1900 Lambert, Andre doll mark Zina 1924 Lambert, Leopold doll mark LB 1888-1923 - doll mark Babet Lamorlette dolls 1839-1846 Lamousse dolls 1870-1882 Lang, Emile dolls 1915-1924 Lanternier, A. et & Cie dolls 1915-1924 - doll mark Limoges AL anchor symbol, AL & Cie Limoges, Lorraine, Lutin, Frabrication Francaise Limoges, Cherié, Favorite, Toto Limoges, JE Masson Lardot-Praquin dolls 1867-1882 Laumaunier, Charles doll mark CL 1882 Laumont, Baroness dolls 1914-1921 Laurens & Dugourjal, Jeune dolls 1856-1858 Lavallée-Peronne dolls 1864-1884 - A La Poupée de Nuremberg (doll shop) 21 Rue de Choiseul Paris Lavallée-Peronne Lazarski, T. Stefania K. dolls 1914+ - Mascotte, Bébé Marcheurs, kid, cloth, wax Le Jouet Artistique dolls 1919, doll mark FPH Le Minor dolls 1936-1940s + Le Montréer Féres dolls 1867-1921 Lebel, Stapfer Rachel doll mark Patria 1916 Leblond, JD India rubber manikins 1853 Leconte & Alliot dolls 1866-1900 - H. LeConte & Co, doll mark LC + an anchor Lefebvre, Alexandre & Cie dolls 1863-1921 - doll mold 161, Bébé A.L. Lefor Openo dolls 1960s Lejeune, E. A. dolls 1878-1880 Lejeune, Louis Aime dolls 1915 - doll trademark of a pair of wings 95 Lepinary, M. V. doll mark Le JouJou Francsis Leverd, A. et Cie dolls 1852-1867 - 1867 + renamed La Gutta Percha Levi, Edmond dolls 1919-1921 - doll mark Les Poupees De France Ligue du Jouet Francais dolls 1914-1916 Ludet dolls 1864-1890 Levy, Albert doll mark Tanagra 1917-1921 Levy, Pierre & Cie Bébé Bijou dolls 1919 L'Heureux, Louis doll mark 1905 Loudouze, Genevieve doll mark Ninon 1925 Louit, Mme. Jeanne dolls 1916 - doll mark Poupées Gauloises Lubecka, Mme. Julienne doll mark Bicot --------------------------------------------------- M Mabit, Louise Adrienne dolls 1925 - doll trade name Janus, Les Deux Gosses Maelzel, Johannes dolls 1808-1827 - automata dolls, also located in Vienna Mail dolls 1927-1930s Maison du Petit Saint Thomas dolls 1886-1891 Maltête, Charles dolls 1892-1895 Manuel, Gaston & de Stoecklin, E. dolls 1920 - Poupées de Paris, Les Poupettes Les Poupées Parisiennes Manufacture des Bébés & Poupées 1920-1921 - doll trade mark La Madelon Marais dolls 1843-1881 Marchel, Ed dolls 1863 + - Mechanical dolls, Aux Bébé Sages shop Marcel dolls 1871-1874 Marcoux, Charles dolls 1920-1923 - Société Française Bébés Marcoux 23 Rue Buffon 23, Montreuil-sous-Bois Margaine LaCroix, J. dolls 1873-1918 Mariage, Maurice doll La Poupee Lina 1923 Marie dolls 1862-1870 Marie & Boquerel dolls 1863-1865 Margot, P. J. & F. dolls 1862-1878 Marotte - doll on a stick - Musical 1860 + Marque, Albert doll mark A. Marque 1910-1916 Martin, A. dolls 1874-1876 Martin, Ferdinand (Seraphin) dolls 1880-1909 Mascotte Bébé dolls 1890-1901 - May Féres & Cie, then Jules N. Steiner, Mathieu, Jerôme, dolls 1871-1875 Mauger & Montera dolls 1860s-1870s - doll mark Manota Montero Company Maujean dolls 1866-1874 Maurisse dolls 1849-1851 May Frères, May Fils dolls 1890-1899 - May Frères & Cie, May & Bertin doll trade name Bébé Mascotte acquired by Jules N. Steiner bet. 1897-1899 Metal Head dolls 1861-1930s Métayer, A. dolls 1860s + - A. Métayer 22 Rue S. Martin Tours Mettais, Jules dolls 1899-1903 - successor at Jules Nicholas Steiner Michaelis, J. F. O. dolls 1892-1895 Michel, M. Severin dolls - doll mark Bouquet De La Victoire Modistes' doll 1840s-1860s = Milliners model, - mannikin doll to display clothing fashions Mignonette Doll (pocket size doll) 1880s + Morin, L. dolls 1921-1928 Montreuil-sous-Bois - pottery area near Paris Mothereau, Alexandre T. dolls 1880-1895 - doll mark B.M., T.M. Muller, Pierre doll mark Olympia 1924 Mundia Doll Co 1949+ Munnier, Maison Vve. dolls 1834-1852 - Paragon Targsor No. 15 & 17 Paris ------------------------------------------------ N Nadaud, A. dolls 1878-1890s - Jouets Cotillon 32 Rue du 4 Septembre Naneau, M. doll mark Centil Bebe Nathan, Fernand et Cie dolls 1925-1929 Neumann & Marx dolls 1906-1911 - doll mark N & M with a lion, wings & tail Noel, Charles M. doll mark Marquisette 1923 ------------------------------------------------- O Olivier, Fernand Paulin dolls 1920 - doll mark A la Clinique des Poupées Ollier doll mark OF 1919-1920 Ondine swimming dolls 1890 + - also made in Germany Ourine, G. dolls 1925-1930s Ouvre, Vera dolls 1915-1918 ------------------------------------- P Paderewski, Helena dolls 1915-1918 Pandora dolls 1915-1918 Pannier, Charles & Blanche dolls 1872-1892 - doll mark C9P, Mme. Pannier on foot Paques Noel dolls 1928-1929 Parisienne de Celluloisine Cie 1921 Parent, Charles Louis dolls 1871-1872 Paturel, J. et Cie dolls 1925-1928 Péan, Laurent Marie Rene dolls 1862-1890 - doll mark P.F. Pegard, F. dolls 1833-1847 Pelletier, E. L. dolls 1890-1900 - doll trademark La France bébés Perier, Henry dolls 1916 - doll mark La Vraie Parisienne, M.P. Perrault, Marie dolls 1916 Perrimond, Gaston dolls 1924-1930s - doll trademark La Poupée Nicette Perrin, Frank W. & Co dolls 1907-1930s Perrin, Mme. dolls 1916 - doll mark La Poupee des Allies Petit, Jacob dolls 1830-1862 - doll mark JP . . Par Brevet Petit & Dumontier dolls 1878-1890 Petit & Mardochee dolls 1843-1860 Petitcollin dolls 1860-1930s Petites Mains Parisiennes dolls 1916 Phalibois, Henri dolls 1890 + - automata dolls, mechanical dolls Pierrette dolls 1920s-1930s Pilorge, Alexandre Silvain dolls 1865 Pintel & Godchaux doll mark PG 1890-1899 - doll names Bébé Charmant, G Depose A Pintel, M. & Fils doll mold 131 1913-1921 Popineau dolls 1855-1870 Possin dolls 1839-1843 Potiers, George dolls 1867-1882 Poulbot, Francisque dolls (2 trademarks) 1913 Poulbot, Mme. dolls (17 trademarks) 1918 Poulin, René dolls 1861 + Poupee de Mode dolls 1860-1930 - also called Fashion Lady dolls Poupee's Gerbs dolls 1927-1930s - also sold cloth dolls in USA Poupee's Nicette cloth dolls 1920s-1930s Prialytine doll mark, type composition, Paris Prieur, C. dolls 1890-1898 Prieur, Louis doll mark LP 1840-1928 - doll trade name Mon Cheri Printemps, Grand Magasins du 1887-1925 + - a Paris department store --------------------------------------- Q Quim or Quinn dolls 1927-1930 ------------------------------------------- R Rabery & Delphieu dolls 1856-1899 - doll mark RD, Bébé de Paris RD doll, RD Bébé Rabery doll, Genty successor 1899-1925 + Radiana dolls 1927 Radiguet & Cordonnier dolls 1800s Ravca dolls 1924-1947 - also located in USA. Raynal, Poupees Les dolls 1922 + Remignard, Frederic dolls 1844-1899 Renault & Bon Dufour doll mold 264 1906-30 Renou, Louis Marie dolls 1890-1921 - succeeded Dehais, mechanical dolls Ribiere, Leger Henri dolls 1929 Rigot, Marie G. dolls 1927-1930s - doll mark L'Ideale Rivaillon, Fr. & Caroline dolls 1900-1910 - doll mark FCR, Bébé Caro Rochard, Ed dolls 1860s-1870s Rocher, Marius doll mark Le bébé 1914 Roig, Mme. doll name Bebe Gallia 1916 Rohmer, Madame Marie dolls 1857-1880 Rossignol, Charles doll mark CR 1878-1900 - mechanical dolls Rostal, Henri doll mark HR 1914-1916 - Mon Trésor, Bébé Mon Trésor doll mold 30, 295 Rouaud, Charles dolls 1913-1921 - trade names Mal` Auto de ma Poupée and Mal` Oto de ma Poupée Rouillard, dolls 1920-1921 Roullet & Decamps doll mark RD 1865-1930 - doll mold 134, L'Intrepide Bebe Rousselot, Jean B. A. dolls 1845-1852 Roy, Jules dolls 1835-1857 Rozmann dolls 1915-1916 Rufaut dolls 1880-1890 Rungaldier, J. Antoine dolls 1843-1890 -------------------------------------- S Sadin, Arthur doll name Favori-Bebe 1916 Saugnier, Mme. & Avard dolls 1848-1852 Savary, Andre doll mark Pygmée Schmitt et Fils dolls 1863-1891 Schneider & Fils dolls 1858-1896 doll mark Paris S.F. Deposé Schudze, Max dolls 1864-1878 Schultz, Adolphe dolls 1893 Sedard, Eugene dolls 1919 - Paris Jouet, Toujours du Nouveau & RS Sevres dolls 1738-1925 + Simonne, Francois dolls 1867-1878 + - Simonne Paris, Passage Delorme, No. là 13 Rue de Rivoli 188 Societe au Bebe Rose 1910 - doll mark Au BB Rose on a face symbol Societe des Yeux Expression et Poupée Mystére dolls 1926 Société du Caoutchouc Mfg dolls 1920s Société Française de Fabrication de Bébé & Jouets - SFBJ dolls 1899-1958 Société Industrielle de Celluloid dolls 1902-27 - Société Nobel Française dolls 1927-1939 Société Industrielle de Ferblanterie 1918 Société La Parisienne dolls 1911 - doll trade names Bébé Eureka, Bébé le Reve, Bébé Lux, Bébé Stella, Paradis Bébé, Magic Bébé. Société Nouvelle des Bebes Reclames 1929-1930s Société Steiner dolls 1892 - better known as Jules Nicholas Steiner Spaggiari, Yvonne dolls 1927-1938 Steiner, Jules Nicholas dolls 1855-1908 - Gigoteur kicking, crying mechanical dolls Bébé Mascotte, Bébé Steiner Le Parisien, Le Petite Parisien Bébé J. Steiner Strassburger, Isidore dolls 1863-1866 Sussfeld & Cie dolls 1863-1930 Sylver, Jane dolls 1927-1930 --------------------------------------- T Taillander, E H dolls 1925-1927 Tesmine dolls 1927 Thalheimer, Sylvain & Cie dolls 1900 - doll name bebe Tentation Theroude, Alexandre N. dolls 1837-1895 Thompson, Valentine doll mark Pandore 1915 Tissier & Cie dolls 1920s-1930s Terrène, La Maison dolls 1863-1890 - J. Terrène, 10 rue de Marché-St. Honoré. bisque head, hands, wood body covered in kid, painted metal upper arms, fully jointed Testard dolls 1829-1855 Thieck, Francis, Born, Jean & Cie dolls 1923 - doll trademark Seraphin Thomas, Ambroise dolls 1915-1916 Thomson, Valen. doll mark Pandore 1914-18 Toulouse, V. dolls 1893-1894 Triquet, Mme. Vve. dolls 1900s - 46 Place des Carmes Rouen Thuillier, A. dolls 1875-1893 Tissier & Cie dolls 1920s -------------------------------------- U Ulhenhuth, Henry & Co dolls 1876-1919 Unidentified French Doll mold number 31 Union National Inter Syndicale - UNIS dolls 1922-1960 -------------------------------------- V VanRosen, J dolls 1912-1914 Vannier, Hippolyte dolls 1864-1865 Vassileif, Marie dolls 1910-1926 - also located in Russia Venus Cloth dolls 1915-1939 by Carvaillo - also called Le Venus dolls Verdier & Gutmacher dolls 1897-1902 - doll mark V.G., 1899 Verdier & Cie, dolls; Bébé le Select V.G., Bébé Métropole V.G., Bébé Monopole V.G., Bébé Excelsior V.G. Verita, Gabrielle doll mark GV 1915-1918 - Poupée's Verite Verlingue, J dolls 1915-1920s - doll mark Lutin France J anchor symbol V, Petite Française anchor symbol Liane Verry Fils dolls 1865-1873 - Aux Galleries de Fer 1989 Des Italiens Vervelle, Lucien dolls 1876 + Vichy, Gustave dolls 1862-1900 + - bébés musical, automaton, mechanical, doll mark G. Vichy, doll mold 1 Videlier dolls 1829-1882 also known as Brasseur-Videlier 1865-1882 Villard & Weill dolls 1834-1923 Vittu dolls 1870-1893 --------------------------------------------- W Wattilliaux, Charles Auguste dolls 1891-1896 Wertheimer dolls 1898-1899 ----------------------------------------------- Z Zierl, Paul Lucien dolls 1925 - doll name Le JouJou Pneu (rubber baby)

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French Fashion Dolls

French Fashion Dolls - All About French Fashion Dolls By Denise Van Patten, Guide .French Fashion Doll Denise Van PattenIntroduction To French Fashion Dolls: French Fashion Dolls were dolls created in the 19th century to showcase the fashions of their day and to help teach young ladies how to gracefully grown into womanhood. The dolls are much prized today for their exceptionally detailed clothing and accessories--exceptional examples can be found today with complete trousseaus including everything from nightgowns to opera glasses to evening gowns. The dolls reigned for many years in the mid 19th century as the most deluxe dolls money could buy, until they were usurped by child dolls produced in Germany. Years of Production of French Fashion Dolls: The earliest French Fashion dolls were produced by companies including Huret and Rohmer in the 1850s and 1860s. The dolls were produced until approximately 1900, although the bulk of their production and their heyday in quality and artistic merit was from the 1850s through approximately 1885. Materials Used To Make French Fashion Dolls: The vast majority of French Fashion dolls have bisque heads, glass eyes, and leather bodies. The earliest French Fashion dolls had porcelain heads (glazed china) and early examples often had multi-jointed wood bodies. Other materials used to make French Fashion doll bodies included gutta percha, blown leather, and cloth. Some dolls had painted eyes; generally glass eyes are more highly prized. A few French Fashion doll heads have been found made with other materials, including rubber (few survive today). Companies That Made French Fashion Dolls: Companies that have made French Fashion dolls include Huret, Rohmer, Jumeau, Bru, Gaultier, Barrois, Simone, and many others. Marks on French Fashion Dolls: The vast majority of French Fashion dolls are unmarked as to the maker; they are generally only marked with a size number on the bisque shoulderplate. A few marks are known, including F.G. for Gaultier, and some Jumeau French Fashion dolls are marked. A few French Fashion dolls are stamped with the maker on the leather or cloth body The Demise of French Fashion Dolls: The French Fashion doll industry was extremely healthy for many years in the mid to late-1800s, with many shops in Paris, France devoted to the dolls and their accoutrements. However, in the 1880s, bisque child dolls(also made in France by companies such as Jumeau) and then in Germany, as the German dollmaking industry began a rapid ascendancy in the late 1880s. Soon, the cheaper Germany production crowded out most of the French production of both Bebes and French Fashion dolls (Poupees) out of the market, and by the late 1890s the French dollmaking industry was mostly history. Modern Descendents of French Fashion Dolls: Modern dolls such as Barbie, Bratz, Tyler Wentworth, and Ball Jointed Dolls which have adult figures, made to show off fashions and accessories, can be considered the great, great, great granddaughters of the French Fashion Dolls. Prices for French Fashion Dolls: Prices for the choicest French Fashion dolls have climbed astronomically in the past decade. Fine examples with original couture outfits and those with rarer markings, plus those with desirable body features (wood bodies, gutta percha bodies bisque limbs), can rarely be found for less than $5,000 and often for much more. Early Hurets with trousseaus can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Often, early original couture outfits can cost more than the dolls themselves and run several thousand dollars. More common French Fashion dolls, such as those with cloth or simple leather bodies, re-dressed clothing, stationary (not swivel) heads can be found for between $1,500 to $3,500 depending on the doll and condition. Many collectors who love this era of doll and sewing the clothing for these dolls but who cannot afford the high prices collect and sew for modern reproductions (which themselves generally cost at least a f


Here is the information on Jumeau dolls, Part II of this series of posts: Doll Collecting..Jumeau Dolls By Denise Van Patten, Guide .Tete Jumeau in Original Clothing Denise Van PattenIntroduction to Jumeau Dolls: Jumeau antique dolls are coveted the world over. Jumeau bebes (child dolls) are known for their expressive eyes and beautiful bisque, and Jumeau French Fashion dolls are the perfect expression of their time and place. Jumeau dolls can sell for many thousands of dollars today, and demand for the dolls is quite high. The dolls were made in the second half of the 19th century during the heyday of French dollmaking by two generations of the Jumeau family. Years of Production of Jumeau Dolls: Pierre Francoise Jumeau began the Jumeau firm in the 1840s. At that time, they made papier mache dolls. By the end of the 1850s, they made porcelain (glazed) dolls, and for the rest of the firm's production thereafter, they specialized in dolls with bisque heads--first, poupees (fashion ladies) and then bebes (child dolls). Emile Louis Jumeau took over the firm in 1874, and the company remained in family hands until it was subsumed into S.F.B.J. (see below) in 1899. Materials Used To Make Jumeau Dolls: As mentioned, in the early years Jumeau dolls were made of papier mache and then porcelain (commonly called china). These dolls are nearly impossible to identify as being from the Jumeau firm today, since they are almost all unmarked. Starting in the 1860s, production moved to bisque doll heads (unglazed bisque) and most known Jumeau dolls were made of this. French fashion dolls tend to have kid bodies, although some have wood or cloth, and bisque dolls generally have composition bodies. Jumeau French Fashion Dolls: The dolls that put French dollmaking on the map were the French Fashion dolls, which were the most popular type of doll manufactured from the late 1850s through the 1870s. These dolls, also known as poupees, were lady dolls with womanly bodies and realistic clothing, shoes, hats and accessories that reflected the fashion of their time. Jumeau was one of the best-known makers of these dolls, which were usurped in the late 1879s by the bebe (child) dolls. Jumeau Bebe Dolls: Although the French Fashion dolls made by Jumeau are beautiful, it is the bebes by this firm that are more widely known. Made from the late 1870s when bebe dolls became the preferred doll of children everywhere, the dolls were made by Jumeau until they became part of SFBJ. The bebe dolls have bisque heads, paperweight glass eyes, exaggerated eyebrows and beautiful bisque. Most had closed mouths until the 1890s. The French bebe, and Jumeau, met their demise due to cheaper German production. Jumeau joins SFBJ: The French dollmakers, including Jumeau, were threatened by cheaper German production of bisque-head child dolls in the 1890s (think Chinese production vs US production today). Eventually, the French firms could no longer compete, and in a last ditch effort to survive, they combined forces as the Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets. Marks on Jumeau Dolls: Most Jumeau fashion dolls are only marked with a number, although sometimes the body is stamped. Many of the Jumeau bebes take their colloquial names from their marks--the E.J. Jumeau is marked E. (size number)J on the back of the head; the Tete Jumeau is marked Depose Tete Jumeau... on the back of the head. Often, you will see artist checkmarks as well, and a stamped composition body marked "Jumeau Medaille d'Or Paris or something similar. Price Trends For Jumeau Dolls: The rarest Jumeau french fashion dolls and bebes and those that have their original costumes and mint bodies continue to climb in price. More common dolls, including later open-mouth bebes and later french fashion dolls with cloth or simple kid bodies and common faces have had their prices stabilized in the last few years. However, expect to pay several thousand dollars for nearly any close-mouth bebe in excellent condition (collectors seem to prefer close-mouth antique bisque dolls to open-mouth ones). Jumeaus produced at the beginning of SFBJ production including those marked 1907 can be found for under $2,000. Some of the priciest Jumeau dolls include the early Portrait bisque bebe dolls which can easily be worth $20,000 to $30,000, and portrait-faced Jumeau poupees on wood bodies, which can be worth $10,000 to $20,000.This page has been optimized for print. To view this page in its original form, please visit: .

From Collecting French Bisque Dolls

I'm going to start in the middle of hte 19th century, a little out of our chronology, with some articles from the doll collecting newsletter on Bru,Jumeau, and French Fashion Dolls. Take heart that it is possible to find affordable versions of these dolls that are antiques as well as fantastic reproductions made by true artists. These replicas are in themselves becoming sought after collectors items, and many are hitting the 75 year mark. Such dolls are mentioned in Band of Angels, A Little Princess, and other literature. They are probably the dolls Jenny Wren most loved to dress in their earliest forms. French dolls showing the latest fashion date even to the 12th century, and there are stories involving 14th c queens ordering them to follow fashions, and others of Anne of Britainny sending them as gifts. Early Queen Anne dolls have this reputation, but French dolls always seem to have a certain allure to them, even the Santon figures and provincial costume dolls make a fashion statement. I've loved all French dolls since I was very young, and was in my glory at the airport in Paris, where, in 1969, a little girl could vist shop after shop of amazing celluolid dolls dressed in wonderful silks and historical costumes. A little can can dancer came home on that trip, a long with a love of hot dogs stuffed with cheese. Enjoy the articles, and look for more at the doll collecting site: Doll Collecting..Bru Dolls By Denise Van Patten, Guide .Bru Jne 8 from Theriault's auction. www.theriaults.comBru Dolls - An Introduction: Say "Bru Dolls" to most antique doll collectors, and they will fall immediately into a reverie, either dreaming of their lovely Bru Bebe in their collection, or dreaming of the Bru Bebe doll they hope to own some day. Besides the classic and highly desirable Bru Bebes from 1879-1889, Bru also made fashion dolls starting in 1866 and later, less popular Bebes and a variety of novelty Bebes. Years of Production of Bru Dolls: Bru dolls were produced from 1866-1899, by Bru, Jne & Cie, until the company was absorbed into S.F.B.J. (the Societe Francaise de Fabrication de Bebes and Jouets) which absorbed most of the major French makers of dolls when German bisque doll competition became nearly overwhelming. Company That Produced Bru Dolls: Bru, Jne & Cie in Paris, France and Monteuil-sous-Bois, France produced Bru dolls. Materials: By far most Bru dolls were made of bisque, although a few dolls in other materials such as rubber (gutta percha) have been found. Basic Types of Bru Bebe Dolls: When you mention a Bru doll to a casual antique doll collector, the model that most comes to mind is the Bru Jne model, so called because the mark on the doll reads "Bru Jne." Bru Jnes were made in the 1880s. Other well known Bru dolls include the Bru Brevete (also so called because of the mark) which was only made from 1879-1880, the Circle-Dot Bru (so called because the mark resembles a Circle and a Dot) from 1879-1884 and the later Bru Jne R from 1889-1899. Novelty Types of Bru Dolls: Besides the basic model Bebes, Bru made a unique set of novelty dolls including the popular Bebe Teteur (nursing Bru which had a mechanism that would suck liquid from a baby bottle), the Bebe Musique (played music) and the Bebe Gourmand (had a mechanism which allowed children to feed the doll). Marks on Bru Dolls: Bru Bebes tend to be well marked; not so for the earlier Bru fashion dolls. The fashion dolls are generally marked with a letter indicating a size number, and nothing else. The Bebes generally have Bru Jne, Bebe Brevete, the circle and dot mark (which is a dot under a half-circle or in a full circle) among their doll marks. Price Trends on Bru Dolls: Classic Bru Bebe dolls as well as wood-bodied and smiling Bru fashion ladies continue to have prices increasing. Prices for excellent condition Bru Bebes (except for more common Bru Teteurs and later Bru Jne Rs) can be breathtaking, with prices for choice examples often between $15,000 and $30,000. More About Bru Dolls: Even if you are new to antique dolls, it won't take you long before you can immediately identify a Bru Bebe on sight. The features of the doll, with their large, soulful eyes ad full cheeks are legendary. The dolls are also appreciated for their lovely kid-and-bisque bodies and the beautiful original couture Bru clothing (when it can be found). Bru dolls were made in much smaller quantities than their famous French cousins, the Jumeau dolls which is one of the main reasons, besides their beauty and art, that the prices for the dolls are so high. The French Bru Fashion Dolls are also beautiful and sought after, especially the ones calle "Smilers," with slightly upturned mouths reminiscent of the Mona Lisa. Bru fashion dolls made with wood bodies are also favored by collectors. This page has been optimized for print. To view this page in its original form, please visit:

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Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: What's so Special about Dolls and Toys?

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: What's so Special about Dolls and Toys?: What's so special about dolls and toys? As collectibles, of course we know they are a good investment, and they are miniature time capsules...