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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Art Dolls

Art Dolls


            Dolls and art have gone hand in hand for centuries.  Even in prehistory, humans were creating small statues of women and an occasional man according to their standards of aesthetic beauty.  Artists used small articulated models or lay figures to create masterpieces of art.  A few artists like Marque, Picasso, and Degas,  either created dolls, or were inspired by dolls to create other works of art.  Many great artists, including Rembrandt, were collectors themselves. Leonardo da Vinci dabbled in creating automatons, along with other gadgets and machines.  Artists like Joseph Cornell and Jarvis Rockwell created works of art using dolls.  Norman Rockwell, father to Jarvis, painted them, as in his Doctor and Doll. The artistry of antique dolls influenced Pleasant Rowland’s American Girls.  Of course, sculptors and artists have always been involved in creating dolls for play and to collect. There are many non-NIADA books and magazines  about doll making including The Art Doll Quarterly.   Behind every Barbie, Kewpie, or Betsy Wetsy, there is an artist or sculptor working his or her particular doll magic.


            Many artists turn to creating dolls because they are a fresh medium, something to take their art in another direction.  Artists who recognized the importance of the relationship between dolls and art founded the National Institute of American Doll Artists, NIADA, in 1963. Originally, four artists founded NIADA, Helen Bullard, Gertrude Florian, Magge Head, and Fawn Zeller. Today, there are over 60 members elected by their peers and member-patrons.  The purpose behind founding NIADA was to recognize the art behind original, hand made dolls.  Members hold annual get-togethers that include visiting doll makers and doll fans to share work and ideas with each other.  There is also a NIADA school for those who wish to learn doll making techniques from the artists of NIADA. The artists’ group also offers publications on artist dolls.  For more information about the annual conference and school, visit the NIADA website,


            NIADA has inspired the formation of other organizations that cater to original doll artists and their dolls.  Two of these, The British Doll Artist’s Association and the Original Doll Artist Council of America, have partnered with  NIADA to create a glossary for doll artists and collectors called “Art Doll Standards.”


            Books and publications that address the role of the doll artist outside of NIADA include Max von Boehn’s Dolls, Carl Fox’s The Doll,  Clara Hallard Fawcett’s books, Janet Pagter Johl’s and Eleanor St. George’s books that talk about Emma Clear, Helen Young’s The Complete Book of Doll Collecting, Edwina Ruggles’, The One Rose, Spinning Wheel’s Complete Book of Dolls, vol. I, Doll Reader Magazine, Doll Castle News, Kimport’s Doll Talk, Manfred Bachman’s Dolls, the Wide World Over, and Bernice’s Bambini.  Wonderful books by NIADA include   Krystyna Poray Goddu, ed., The Art of the Doll: Contemporary Work of the National Institute of American Doll Artists. NIADA, 1992, and other books by Goddu on the aritsts. NIADA serves many wonderful purposes in the world of dolls, but the artists remind us above all of the historical and artistic value of dolls for collectors and doll lovers of all ages.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Coupons, Paper Dolls, Paying it Forward!

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Coupons, Paper Dolls, Paying it Forward!: A gentleman I know works at our local Jewel grocery. Jewel has been part of Chicago ’s Dominick’s chain and is a cut above other chains ...

Monday, September 17, 2018

Doll Museum: Protecting what Matters Including Doll Collections...

Doll Museum: Protecting what Matters Including Doll Collections...: On Guard Security is our family company; my husband owns it.  We have a website and Facebook page, but below is our summary.  Collectibles a...

Protecting what Matters Including Doll Collections

On Guard Security is our family company; my husband owns it.  We have a website and Facebook page, but below is our summary.  Collectibles and homes alike  need protection; he has helped solve crimes in our area because the security systems and cameras he installs protect the premises.  He protects both residential and commercial property.  More than one home had had collections of antiques and dolls that needed protection.  See below:

The Value of Security Systems, by On Guard Security


Why use a home or business security system?  Certainly, we use them to protect what matters. Our businesses, homes/families, and seniors matter to us; here is how a good security system can protect them.




Businesses without alarm systems are four times more likely for a burglary or robbery. Fires and other emergencies happen. Protect your business with the right systems for video, fire, burglary, door access, vehicle tracking and more! Contact us for a free estimate.



Homes/Families :


Home security systems can protect your family and property from fire, burglary and other emergencies. You’ll sleep better knowing your family is guarded with the latest and proven technology, day and night; 24 hours, 7 days a week.




With age comes wisdom, perspective, and experience; fear and vulnerability need not accompany them. There’s no need to feel alone or vulnerable. With home security system or our PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) you can enjoy independent living while knowing there is always someone to watch over you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: 9/11 We Remember

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How to Join a Doll Club - Ruby Lane Blog

How to Join a Doll Club - Ruby Lane Blog: There’s more fun as well as safety in numbers. Collecting dolls is as social as it gets; great shows, conventions, shopping trips, museum tours, “collection hops,” the fun never ends. So, how do you find like-minded doll friends to share your hobby with? Join a doll club! Here’s how.

Friday, September 7, 2018