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Friday, August 18, 2017

“I Only Wanted to Wonder” at Theriault’s Summer Auction Press Release, Courtesy Theriault’s

“I Only Wanted to Wonder” at Theriault’s Summer Auction Press Release, Courtesy Theriault’s

Annapolis, MD-August 7, 2017

The 250 year-old wooden doll named Nellie had reposed silently in an 18th century chest that furnished one of the 50 rooms of the 500 year old Radford House in Plymstock, England. A regal 28” tall, her enamel eyes appeared to shine in wonder on August 1st as she was presented to a roomful of eager bidders at Theriault’s annual mid-summer Marquis antique doll auction which is noted worldwide for offering the finest doll treasures.  Estimated at $26,000-42,000, Nellie soared to $108,300 with competitive bidding from private collectors as well as museums.


The doll had been in the private collection of an important British collector, who also consigned to the auction a remarkable French poupée by Adelaide Huret. Presented with an extensive original trousseau, the doe-eyed doll sold for $53,760 and will be highlighted in an important doll museum under construction in southern Virginia.


Early dolls of papier mache, wood, and wax are presently enjoying resurgence in the doll collecting word, and Theriault’s August 1 auction proved the point well. Especially notable was a beautiful English wax doll by Montanari, replete with detailed and poignant provenance ($12,000-16,000). There was an early papier mache lady with remarkable sculpted coiffure in the young Queen Victoria style and with rare blue glass yes; the elated winning bidder proclaimed, “I sat through 437 other dolls at the auction just to bid on her.  I first saw her in the home of Lorna Lieberman 25 years ago and have dreamt of her ever since.”  The bidder raised her paddle high and never took it down under she was declared the winter at $4900(pre-sale $1200-1500).  Other examples include a 19” German lady with “beehive” coiffure topping at $2500 (pre-sale $1100-1300), a 12” wax -over – papier mache child with  mechanical bellows at $3248 (pre-sale $800-1200), and a 22” French papier mache bride with original elaborate wig at $4032 (pre-sale $2200-2800).


Theriault’s auction also featured the important German collection of Petra Aichele who for several decades had sought rare German art character bisque dolls.  A most endearing painted dye boy by Bruno Schmidt wistfully walked away at $20, 160 (pre-sale $255-3500), Kammer and Reinhardt’s 112 model went to $19, 040(pre-sale $5007500), and her sister, the 109 model known as “Elise” reached $11, 200 (pre-sale $7500-9500).  The cover doll, model 1263, a mere wisp of a child at 12” was $9800 (pre-sale $4500-6500),  while a beautiful glass eyed character girl, model 149, by Hurtle and Schwab topped at $9520, (pre-sale $500-8500).


More than 500 rare and beautiful antique dolls were presented in the eight-hour auction, with cmpetitiv3e bidding from the attending bidders, absentee bidders, telephone bidders, and live online bidders. (Prices won reflect the buyer’s premium). Collectors cheered when an anxious friend won her sought after doll, plenty of laughter was here throughout the day (some at the traditional banter lines of Stuart Holbrook auctioneer and President of Theriault’s), and a spirit of good feelings pervaded the auction room.

To view all the of the doll in the auction visit www.theriault’ The next scheduled Marquis catalog auction is in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 28-29 featuring important private collections.  To receive a free color brochure of the auction call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655 or visit




Lot 17: Named “Nellie” by her original owner, the 28” wooden doll was notable for her size, beauty, remarkable state of preservation, costume, and provenance.  She sold for $108, 300.


Lot 21. The French poupées of Adelaide Huret continue in high demand.  This beautiful example, complete with e, 760 at Theriault’s marquis doll auction and will be featured an extensive trousseau, reached $53, 760 at Theriault’s Marquis doll auction and will be featured in an upcoming museum.


Lot 37: a Mere 10”, the petite French bébé marked A.T. by Thuillier, reached $28,000(presale $800-$
11,000) while here three little pups barked their way to $1400 (pre-sale $400-600) at Theriault’s August 1 auction.

Lot 59:  German Painted Eye Character with Original Clothes. Realized $1300.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Recent Finds for the Museum!

Vintage Bye-lo, artist made, glass eyes, hand made lace gown. Under $10,  18 inches.

70s Bisque doll, original box

My own antique basket of deplorables, with black folk doll from Ruby Lane

Vintage bisque, Royal Albert dolls

Knickerbocker Raggedy Andy

Mini rom scene; Red Riding Hood is an 1860s circa Staffordshire box lid

Dresden and Meissen from a recent Estate Sale

Vintage French Bisque, cabinet size AT type.  Artists unknown.

Argh!! Mini Pirate Shadow Box, for Dolls Channeling Anne Bonney

Look inside my mini pirate scene, complete with tiny pirates and treasure.  I used a book box
labeled Treasure Island, and filled it with nautical miniatures, shells, mermaids, pirates, and more
Ahoy, me Hearties!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Gallery of Doll Faces

Faces: a Gallery—One of my favorite books of dolls is Manfred Bachmann’s Dolls the Wide World Over.  The book contains an excellent photo study of doll faces from all over the world.  Here are some of the Doll Faces we love from Dr. E’s Doll Museum.  I post them in honor of the National Doll Festival, Theriault’s Auctions, and UFDC Convention taking place this week in Orlando, Fl: