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Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Doll Reading

From Denise Van Patten, your Guide to Doll Collecting
This week I've been thinking quite a bit about porcelain and bisque dolls (I broke the head on one of mine when cleaning...not my smartest move), and that led me to thinking about new collectors, since so many of them are awed by porcelain and bisque dolls. However, newer collectors also often are a bit confused by porcelain dolls, since so many of today's dolls are made of vinyl. So, this week, we look at porcelain dolls and top mistakes of doll collecting newbies! Unitl next week...Denise

Dolls Made of Bisque Have Been Around For Over 150 Years!

Bisque dolls, commonly called porcelain dolls by today's collectors, were produced by the millions from the late 1860s through the early 1930s. These dolls have long been loved for their realistic modeling, and rich decoration. In the beginning, these dolls ... Read more

If You Are A New Doll Collector, You Need To Read This

If you are new to doll collecting, it can be overwhelming! There are so many types of dolls to choose from, and so many conflicting ideas on how to build a great collection. Many people ... Read more

UFDC 62nd National Convention, Les Celebrations des Poupees, Delighted Collectors

The 62nd National Doll Club Convention held by the UFDC, Les Celebrations des Poupees, wrapped up this past weekend in Anaheim. Collectors in attendance told me that they had a... Read more

Is Chatty Cathy the Most Famous Talking Doll?

A few weeks ago, the oldest talking doll was in the news. That started me thinking about talking dolls in general, especially my favorite talking doll from my childhood, Chatty... Read more

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