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Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Dolls with China Head as Children's Toys

Here are some makers listed in No lewd comments, please. We are family friendly blog for doll collectors. Some companies that made Antique China head dolls Bawo & Dotter Bohemia Schlaggenwald - doll mark S, Bohemia Theodor Pohl Bohemia T. Eaton & Company Canada Royal Copenhagen Denmark Hamley Brothers England UK Samson Smith England UK Turnbull England UK ** Au Paradis Des Enfants French (see below) Maison Huret French Jacob Petit French Prieur French Madame Rohmer French Sèrves French Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, ABG German Bahr & Proschild German Ernst Bohne German Max Carl & Company German Closter (Kloster) Veilsdorf Greiner type China's German Conta & Boehme - shield mark German DKP, Dressel, Kister & Co. - usually heads or half dolls German William Goebel German Gräfenthal Porzellanfabrik Carl Schneider's dolls German Hertwig & Company German Kestner & Company German KPM X, August Wilhelm Friedolin Kister or A. W. Fr. Kister Schwarzburg, Rudolstadt, German Kling & Company German KPM, Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Messien Berlin, Meissen Germany Orben, Knabe & Company - doll mark O.K. German Fritz Pfeffer Austria & German Pollack & Hoffman German A. H. Pröschold German August Reideler German Schreyer & Company German Wallendorf German Röstrand Sweden Ehrich Brothers USA Philip Goldsmith USA Stratton USA Western News Co USA The Meissen KPM factories are the oldest and most desirable of China head dolls. The Thuringia area in Germany had many other porcelain factories that produced China head dolls as well. ** Au Paradis des Enfants dolls 1864-1925 France, distributor and assembler of dolls from various doll makers including; China head dolls with pink kid bodies, wax over China head dolls. Located at 56 Rué de Rivoli, Paris, Rue du Louvre, No. 1

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