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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From G. Stanley Hall, A Study of Dolls (1897) on Google Books for free: St. Agnes, one end of a passage is given up to the objects found in the tombs of the early Christians, and among these are some very similar dolls taken out of the graves of the Christian children." W. H. Holmes, Bureau Eth. Rep., 1884-5, P- IS2^ thinks that dolls found with other relics in graves in the province of Chiriqui were possibly toys, but more probably tutelary images. Miss Alice Fletcher writes : " Among the Indian tribes with which I am familiar there is no special treatment of dolls. All depends upon the particular child's imagination and imitative powers. " As far as my observation goes, and I can learn, the religious ceremonies of the tribe are not mimicked, although some of the practices of the same are. The religious rites of the white race are reproduced by the children. As far as I can yet discover, there is no relation between dolls and a fetich or any emblem."

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