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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dolls and Doll Makers

I want to thank the author of my first comment; it was very encouraging. A great source for graphics and information about Medieval dolls is my friend's book Dolls and Doll Makers, Crown, 1969. Mary Hillier also wrote excellent books on Automata and Wax Dolls, and she often wrote for doll magazines. She was a wonderful friend and penpal to me, and she proofed my books and my dissertation for me. She was great at helping with research, and I remember her once more on the eve of her death, Valentine's Day 1999. The last thing she sent me was a magazine with her article on antique valentines, which she loved. She was in good spirits, and had just finished a book no Chloe Preston. Mary wrote to me twice a month, and I two her, for almost 14 years. Her last gift to me was a British travel guide; I was going to visit her.

As a scholar, she was in a league of her own. I often did little projects for her, and sent the information. She could uncover anything, and wrote very, very well. She was also an editor for Pollack's Toy Dictionary, and worked for them in various capacities. Dolls and Dollmakers has also been translated into German. I got my first copy when I was none. I met Mary when I was 25.

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