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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dark Net, Dolls, and Automatons = More 21st century

I am reading a terrific novel on my Kindle called Dark Net.  Chapter 17, in particular, talks about automation being used to run mega corporations, and to creating artificial people and voices to answer phones, send emails, mimic the patterns of the person modeled so that those on the other end of the line don't even know they are talking to a machine. I'm getting calls like this that are telemarketer calls, probably scams, from Emily, tour director of the last cruise I took [I haven't been on a cruise since I was 9; that was in the Aegean, and there was no Emily!]. 

It gives us all an idea of how far the technology behind automatons and mechanical dolls has come.  Uncanny Valley indeed!  It's now an uncanny universe.  I recommend the book, and also note various stories about cute robots delivering pizza and helping airline passengers to navigate the security counters more easily.

Maybe dolls will take over the world--

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