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Thursday, June 22, 2017

An American Girl Story

The moral of the story is that I am definitely not smarter than a fifth grader.  The backstory is that I received a Girl of the Year, featured at Kohl's, for a Christmas gift from the lovely women who take care of my dad.  I had one of these, but not the doll I received.  I have a lot of American girls dolls, mini dolls, books, paper dolls and accessories.  I love American Girl Place, and I love the other 18 inch dolls that can share wardrobes. 

The ten or eleven year old daughter of one of my friends saw the doll, and fell in love with it at Christmas.  A week or two ago, she told me how much she had loved and wanted my doll.  Here is where I proved how not-smart I am.  "Oh, don't worry", said I, I have another one similar in a box; I will find it and give it to you

Well, this very bright young lady held me to my promise.  I tired to find the doll I bought, but in the stress of everything else, I don't remember where exactly I stored her. What to do!!!  Her mom told me they were going on a short vacation, and I had about five days to find the doll.

To make a long story short, I couldn't find mine in time, bought another one at Kohl's.  The little girl was thrilled beyond thrilled, but I swore everyone to secrecy.  "Just let her think it's my doll", I said.  Little did I know that kids know what copyrights are.  My little eleven year old Miss Marple was reading the book that came with the doll, as well as all the literature in the box.  I think I have a curator for my future museum.  "Mom", said she, "The copyright date is 2017!!  This couldn't be the doll from Fall 2016!!"


So I had to confessed, but all's well that ended well.  The new doll will be an heirloom, and there may be a new doll collector in our midst :)

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