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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dolls and Hawkeyes in Space- an Old Capitol Musem Exhibit

Antique Sofa, Old Capitol

On a recent trip, we were lucky enough to visit this exhibit in Iowa City.  This was an exhibit of space artifacts, many created at the U of I.  I include it here, because an erector set, a toy, influenced Prof. James Van Allen, one of the scientists heavily involved in these projects which included Galileo and other space probes.  Also included here are pics of the detailed, miniature scale models.  Miniatures of all kinds are in the realm of  dolls and doll houses, and those who collect them.  Of course, our beloved Herky Hawkeye mascot is also made as a doll, and we have several in the museum.  Doll collectors are never single-minded.  Enjoy these extraordinary photos.

Erector toys belonging to Prof. James Van Allen

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