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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Future at Nearly 100,000 Strong

We have arrived at the 21st century in our leisurely journey through the chronology of dolls.  The creepy doll fad is still with us, especially now that Halloween is here.  Creepy animatronics, dolls, and masks abound.  Halloween costumes representing dolls continue to be popular, especially Day of Dead figures and cracked porcelain dolls.   I can't find a Spirit of Halloween near me this year, which is frustrating.

American Girls, M. Alexander, BJD's, new CPKs and Monster High dolls continue to be popular, and I will do a report of new dolls for the Holidays and 2016.

I will also begin covering dolls by country, with more an emphasis on ethnic dolls and international costume dolls.  These are the basis of many great collections, but they are pooh-poohed by the doll snobs.

Also, I'd like to post more on doll trends and dolls in pop culture.  You, my audience of nearly 100,000, should guide me.  I will continue to share blog posts from mine and other pertinent blogs, but I'd love to hear what you would like read about, and I'd love to hear your ideas for interesting new and young collectors in this hobby.

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