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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Book

La maison Huret - The Huret dolls French book by Theimer

This is a hardcover book with 270 full color pages magnificently illustrated that presents
the famous French dolls manufacturer The Maison Huret.
This is a woman who was at the origin of the aesthetic evolution of dolls in 1850
transforming them into luxury items, known as "Poupees Parisiennes".
Huret: a magical name, a name which gets doll lovers dreaming, a synonym - both in the past
and nowadays - of refinement and elegance worldwide.
You will discover the complete family history from 1786 to 1931, the successors
and their contributions, the historical context and the slow transformation of society,
but also how to recognize the "Huret style" and differentiate it from other Parisiennes dolls
discover the authentic home accessories for Huret, miniature furniture...



1. Leopold Calixte Huret
  • The founding father
  • Louis François BEFFARA
  • Beginnings, The Crown's Garde Meuble
  • The Paris Exposition of 1819
  • The tragic family drama
  • Imitation wood iron furniture and twisted iron furniture
  • The "Hammoch-cradle"
  • New family drama, new era
  • The "HURET-FICHET" war, the press and the novel...
  • The first patent
  • The new generation
2. Calixte Huret and her doll
  • Adélaïde Aimée Caixte HURET
  • The genesis of the HURET doll
  • The presentation of the HURET doll
  • The radle of the HURET doll's doll
  • Artistic recognition of the HURET doll
  • The first couturiere of the HURET doll
  • Hats
  • Shoes
  • Tights and handkerchiefs
  • Undergarments and nightgowns
  • Boxes
  • The Exposition Universele of 1855 in Paris
  • The "HURET style" furniture made by Leopold Senior and Junior
  • The HURET Sisters company
  • Mademoiselle Jeannie Louise BEREUX
  • The forgery trial for an "industrial reference"
  • New improvements
  • Such lovely diminutives
  • Jean Pierre TAHAN and Leopold HURET Junior
  • Birth of children's magazines
3. The successors of the "maison Huret"
  • The Société & LONCHAMBONE company
  • The Exposition Universelle of 1867
  • 1870 and later...
  • Calixte and the Bebe HURET
  • Jeanne's doll, grand daughter of poet Victor HUGO
  • The Aimé François LEMOINE period
  • The CARETTE period and modernism
4. lisa Julie Prevost

Technical aspects of the HURET poupee and bebe
The French texts are written by Danielle and François Theimer.

Printed in 2008, this book is NEW and is 8 inches x 12 inches ( 21 cm x 30 cm )

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