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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nous Sommes Charlie; We Salute the People of France and their Dolls

Since this a blog about doll history, we take this time to stand firm with the People of France, whose dolls are so wonderful to us.  For me, any doll that is French; cloth, bisque, resin, celluloid, wax, papier mache, or composition, is special. I remember well the wonderful dolls lining the shelves of the gift shops at Orly Airport, and I treasure my own doll that came from there.  Our Jumeau, Huret, Bru, Eden, SFBJ and other French inhabitants salute their French human counterparts, too, and our Santons de Provence and Creche figures will pray for all of us. May we finally have peace this year, in 2015.

A. Marque on Catalog; courtesy, Theriault's


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