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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Newsletter from Doll Collecting at

From Ellen Tsagaris, your Guide to Doll Collecting
This an eclectic newsletter, as eclectic as the holidays taking place this time of year, all of which involve doll like objects.  Read about my "score" at Goodwill and the young man who helped me, edible dolls, antiques, collectibles, and more.  
Comestible Collectibles
When dolls are good enough to eat, and collect!  
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Goodwill Finds and Customer Service; Thanks, Jackie!
Young man sells and packages thrift shop dolls with a smile! 
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Virga Perfection
Mint, colorful, hard plastic little girls
Creche Dolls
Dolls have been part of Christmas celebrations for centuries; read about Creche dolls, Nativity figures, Santos, and Christmas dolls. Take heart, there are many great examples today that you can use to decorate for The Holidays.  
Search Related Topics:  creche figure  nativity sets  santo

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Madame Alexander Doll Types
Social Media and Doll Collectors
Eight hard plastic dolls
Christmas Dolls
International Costume Dolls

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