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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not Chronological, but Great Lit often is not! Some images of Favorite Black dolls

Perkins booko nt he subject is excellent, as is Laura Starr's. I also bought a book on African Myth that is illustrated by art, including statues and dolls. Max von Boehn and Carl Fox have fantastic examples, as does Loretta Holz in The How to Book of International Dolls. Janet Pagter Johl also has great examples. And, there are Pam and Polly Judd's books. There is a great museum of BLack Dolls in Philly, and a Holiday Festival of Black dolls which used to be sponsored by the Rev. C. Laverne Williams, a lovely lady and gracious hostess. Floyd Bell, Carry Lisle, Shindana Toys, so many other gifted artists create them, too. Finally, the former Me Dolls site had amazing images of all kinds of dolls of color and ehnicity. O. Winfrey supposedly had a big collection, and the late Patrick Kelly, designer, had over 6000. His logo was a tiny black celluloid baby doll, sometimes made into a pin. Bette Davis loved him. Enjoy!

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