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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vintage doll doctor on call


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  2. Hi; thanks for writing. Kewpies are the creation of artist Rose O' Neill. True kewpies have a red heart, blue wings on the base of their necks, the side glancing, wide eyed stare, and a top knot. ON the back, they are inscribed with O' Neill's signature. Your Japanese bisque dolls are also called Betty Boop, penny dolls, all bisque dolls, stone bisque, and soemtimes, Kewpies, because similar dolls of celluloid or thin plastic were carnival prizes. Kewpies were copied by everyone. By the 60s, after O'Neill's death, Cameo Dolls made them in vinyl, with the heart, and her inscription. They are also a mascot for early Jell-O adds. There is an official Rose O' Neill page, and books on her and the dolls on I recommend Edwina Ruggles', The One Rose. There is a museum based in O'Neill's house, Bonnie Brook, in the Ozarks, near Branson, MO, and an official web page. Just google Rose O' Neill.

    1. again thank you so much for your answer it helps me a lot <3