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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trends in 21st Century Collecting-French Bisque

Verlingue French Bisque. Tsagaris Collection

As with everything else, there are trends in collecting dolls.  Among Antique dolls,
French and German bisque dolls continue to hold their own.  Those considered elite collectors focus
on one of a kind German dolls, as the K*R that cost nearly $400,00 at auction and the precious Jumeau 201 that
scored a record for Theriault's, as did the rare Marque they auctioned two years ago or so.

All French bisque dolls were hot during the late 70s through 90s, and the Coleman's spent more time in Vol. I of their encyclopedia on Jumeau and Bru, then on marque, who only earned a couple lines.  Even reproductions of French dolls seem to gain in price on ebay.

The charm and craftsmanship, as well as they mystique, make these very special dolls to collectors.   I wouldn't collet them to the exclusion of my other dolls, but they are among my all time favorites.  The dolls pictures here are a few from Dr. E's Doll Museum. Some are old, and some are vintage artist dolls.  Dolls are courtesy Susanne's Dolls, jerryveryjerry, Theriault's, my husband Dino Milani, Gigi's Dolls and Sherry's Teddy Bears, ebay, and my own.  Some are not perfect, but I love them all. 





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