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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Photos of More 20th Century Dolls

From my Files:

Anna Avigail Brahms, Vinyl

1930s Tyrolean Cloth Doll

Baby Sara Lee
Living Dead Doll, Frozen Charlotte
UNIS France
M. Alexander Cissette Bride, courtesy, Theriault's
Eloise Wilkin, Public Domain
c. 1960s Rubber Squeaky,  My first doll is one of these.  Public Domain
20th c . Dolls Including Shirley Temples
W. Addams, P. Domain
A. Marseilles, Germany
Modern Porcelain Ballerina, Clara from The Nutcracker, Photo: Dino Milani
Toni, Courtesy, Theriault's
Doll House Dolls, Made in China
Minerva Tin Head, Dino Milani Photographer

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