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Sunday, April 12, 2015


We love our readers and followers, and are nearly 52,000 strong!  I hope you had a blessed Easter, Passover, and Greek Easter today, for those who celebrate.  We salute our friends in Japan during their Cherry Blossom Festival, and for their rich tradition and history in dolls.

I would love for some of you to write to me at, and to email me photos of your favorite dolls that I can showcase here.  Let me know how you would like to be credited.  If you have a website, let me know that, too.

Please read me on Doll Collecting at,, and view All About Dolls on Pinterest.

You can also find me at Antique Doll Collector Magazine Blog, and on our Flickr page Antique Doll Collector, and etquest.  I have pages on Facebook, besides my own page, Dr. E's Doll Museum and Antique Doll collector.

I am also on Twitter, as Dr. E's Doll Museum, and Antique Doll Collector Magazine Blog.

We love our readers, and love to hear from them any time.

Don't forget to comment, and to catch us on Google+ where there are over 3 million view!  I also started a YouTube Channel.

Take care all of you, my online Blog family, followers, and fellow doll lovers!!

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