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Friday, December 26, 2014

The 19th C Continued - Cotillion: An Auction that willl the History of 19th and early 20th Century Dolls!

2014 is swiftly coming to an end!  So hard to believe!

Happy Boxing Day, Merry Christmas (It's the 2nd day of Christmas!) and Happy New Year!  When I was a little girl, I used my beautiful doll books by John Noble, Helen Young, Mary Hillier, Janet Pagter Johl,  The Colemans, Eleanor St. George, Dare Wright and others to "fill in" the reare dolls I couldn't find or afford.  I loved opening up the pages  to a color centerfold of French Fashion dolls as a backdrop to the games I played with Barbie, small china heads, and Vogue Ginette's. 

I wanted a collection that told the history of dolls, and as the UFDC, of mankind.  So, if I couln't find or afford a Bru, I bought a book on them.  This way, the Bru had representation in my collection. 

I never lost my love of doll books, and I never understimated their important place in doll collections. I probably won't be bidding on the A.T. or the Marque in the January 9th Cotillion auction, but I value the gorgeous catalog as a historical resources, whether it is in print, or bookmarked as the online version. Below, in their own words, is Theriault's description of the auction:

The lavish 204 page hardbound book features more than 400 of the world’s most rare and beautiful dolls. Of special prominence are French bebes (yes, A.T., H., Bru, Marque and others), all-bisque mignonettes (more than 125 rare examples), and googlies (more than 80 including rarities such as Oscar Hitt, and luxury grand sizes). $75 includes priority postage and after sale prices realized.
Wait! Here’s a better way.
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