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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The 19th Century Continued: A Chronology of Types of Dolls Made

This list was originally compiled by Madeline Merrill in "The Art of Dolls: 1700-1940." This book was published in 1985 by the Hobby House Press, which publishes "Doll Reader" magazine. Mr. Merrill was also a photographer, and I had the privilege of corresponding with him when I was researching my book on metal dolls, "With Love from Tin Lizzie . . ." China Bonnet head with black hair is courtesy Theriault's.
19th Century: Wooden Dolls Dolls of Papier Mache and Composition Wax Dolls China Dolls Cloth Dolls Leather Dolls Dolls of Rubber and Gutta Percha Parian Dolls Bisque Dolls Mechanical and Novelty Dolls of Various Materials All Bisque Dolls Doll House Dolls Bisque

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