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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Too Long!

It has been too long, but many things have gone on, and many disappointments. I will be doing a paper on The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Automatons, and my Book on metal dolls, pictured here, is nearly publshed. I am reviewing proofs. We have had illness and disapointment do deal with, as have many of us. I have one romance novel on Kindle, Wild Horse Runs Free, and Ihave entered serveral books in contests. Even in tough times, I try to b productive. I've also started my second YA novel, part II in a series. Last week, I attended a fantastic estate sale for a woman who was an artist, collector, seamstress and doll maker. There were hunreds of Barbies, porcelain artist dolls, Xmas, Halloween, yards ofm aterail and yarn, thousands and thousands of beads, findings and trimmings, all in jars, sorted by color and type, and labelled. The lady's sewing room overlooked a window imn her attic, and there were pink shelves, cupboards and cubby holes every where for her treasures. Her specialty was wedding gowns, doll sized and human sized. They were lovely. She also embellished sweaters, and I found three with exquisite lacework and beads. Her spirit was both kikndred and kind. I felt at home with her house and her things, and I am honored to have been able to bring home so many. Several will be shared with my audience when I give lectures on dolls next year. Perhaps someone will be inspired to collect. I also found paints an miniatures for my crafts, and miniature garage items for my Fisher Price auto garage. There were those who sneered and denounced her as a hoarder; I corrected them when I heard,as did my husband. I looked up the lady's obit; she lived to a ripe old age, was married, and had children and grand children. I met some of them. She was a gardner, golfer, made lawn ornaments of cement, read quite a bit, and was very, very talented. I should be so lucky. The dolls had been organized in large glass fronted china cabinets. I would have loved to see her collection presale. Estate sales sadden me; I hope I'm not seeing the handwriting on the wall. Yet, I feel it is a tribute from one collector to another when some of her dolls can join our museum. Will talk about composition or cloth dolls next for our web exhibits. Thanks for making us nearly 16,000 strong. Anyone interested in the book on metal dolls may contact me. Thank you.

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