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Sunday, April 14, 2013

We are Well over 10,000

We are well over 10,000 readers! Thanks to all! I will dicuss wax dolls of the early 19th c. next, including wax over compo and even metal. There are wonderful examples from Mexico, some a little later, but the breat European doll wax workers often came from there. The Bronte children allegedly played with wax dolls, which makes me wonder just how poor they really were. Wax dolls of German beeswax and small figurines have quite a following. My friend Mary Hillier wrote a great book on wax dolls; she was quite an authority. We have some very old examples, one that is very early 19th c, perhaps 18th, that was originally a religious devotional doll from The Mary Merritt Museum. I have always been fascinated with wax dolls, and used to make my own from candle kits and old crayons. I still have them, and fin d the process fascinating. They are hard to find, but don't leave them out of the realm of your collecting possibility.

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