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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dolls by famous author?

From the Red Cape Blog and Dorothy O'Neill: Hello, Edyth, On Sunday I found these two dolls in an antique shop specializing in many things, but Tasha Tudor was one of them…..They were marked "Tasha Tudor Dolls ?" with a question mark…..The dealer is a new acquaintance of mine but I know she has a good reputation - she believes they are around 60 years old, she bought them from a Vermont couple who used to live near TT in Marlboro, Vt. They are definitely hand made - and my goodness, they say to me - "We were made by Tasha!" They are only 6" tall, and their clothes are sewn on to them… signature at all, though….But I know Tasha made a large Capt. Ethan Shakespeare who was in the Civil War (so the story goes) and if the lady doesn't look exactly like Tasha, I don't know! The eyes are little holes as in TT's "Emma & Thaddeus" and the smile and the tilt of the head, all of it - the tiny waist….oh, she is just enchanting….no matter who made her, of course, but I wonder what you think? I did e-mail TT & Family with pictures and asked that Marjorie or Seth might like to see them….in any event, I have this dear couple who are about to have tea in my very modest doll house, made many years ago for my daughter, and even though they appear to be accustomed to finer things, they are gracious quests knowing that we are absolutely delighted to have them with us…We even have a few corgis in our doll house…. If you have a moment, let me know what you think about the dolls, Edyth….. Thanks so much, Sandy From Edyth again on Wed morning, a post script: I did receive one in depth reply from a renowned source. It convinced me that it is very unlikely that Tasha made the dolls. Possible perhaps but most unlikely. A comparison of the stitching could tell a lot. Very different hand stitching could rule out Tasha as the maker. Similar work could leave the question open. These little ones have so much the look of Tasha's art to me! Sandy wrote again that the dolls are 7 not 6 inches tall. I hope we will hear the story of them. I watch for your comments here. My heart wants to believe they are Tasha's own creations but any attribution must be based on more than that. There are so many wonderful doll artists past and present. e

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