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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bru, Jumeau, and more

The 19th century web museum exhibt will soon continue our chronology. Thanks for being patient for our digressions and for my bad typing. I hope to includ information on the Huret/Rohmer law suit and more on the A. Marque, doll, more of a Turn of the Century doll, which recently sold for $300,000. I find it curious that many early French bisques were made by German firms, at least the heads, and in The Dolls of Three Centuries, Eleanor St. George shows hybrid dolls bearing Jumeau heads and Simon and Halbig bodies. I also will write more on the German dolls, and their possible links to The Holocaust. Two books covering this topic broadly are When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and The Doll with the Yellow Star. More, soon, but please read me at Doll Collecting at, too.

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